What is a Giveaway Campaign?
With a Giveaway Campaign, brands partner with an influencer to run a product (or service or experience) giveaway through the influencer's social accounts. The followers are urged to "enter" the giveaway by completing a few simple actions, like a photo, use a certain hashtag, leave a comment, share the content, etc.- it's up to you. Giveaway Campaigns are versatile and allow you to choose the type of engagement you'd like to use to pick a winner from.

**The following is designed to follow the order of Grin's campaign creation process**

Step 1. Campaign Basics

Choose your brand from the dropdown menu.

Suggested Campaign Title:

{Brand} {Product/Service/Experience} Giveaway Campaign

Upload your campaign image. If you do not already have a preselected campaign image, you can find one for free here.

Step 2. Campaign Details

Select a campaign goal: awareness or engagement.

Campaign Overview Template:
Hey there!

It's {Name} with {Brand}.

We are doing a giveaway of {Product/Service/Experience} and want you to run it! You'll announce the giveaway on your social accounts and later announce the winner. The giveaway will run from {Start date} to {End date}. People can enter by {Enter how to enter the giveaway: liking a post, tagging a friend in a comment, etc.} The winner will be chosen {Enter how you're picking a winner: random draw, most likes, etc.}. 

Check out the details below!

Enter your audience information (gender, age, and location).

Choose a date range for when you're accepting proposals and a date range for when you'd like your influencers to post their content.

Step 3. Budget & Compensation

Enter your budget information. Need help setting a campaign budget? Click here.

Step 4. Influencer Tasks

Suggested Task Templates:

  • Instagram Giveaway Announcement {Photo/Video} (Mandatory): The {photo/video} must announce the giveaway, when it is running, and provide instructions on how to enter the drawing in an Instagram post. Make sure to tag {Brand}. Use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.
  • Twitter Giveaway Announcement Post (Optional): Tweet about the giveaway, mention how and when to enter, and tag {Brand}. Use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.
  • Facebook Giveaway Announcement Post (Optional): Share your Instagram {photo/video} on Facebook and tag {Brand}. Use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.
  • Instagram Winner Video Post (Mandatory): Announce the winner of the giveaway in an Instagram video. Tag {Brand} and use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.
  • Twitter Winner Post (Optional): Announce the winner in a Tweet. Tag {Brand} and use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.
  • Facebook Winner Post (Optional): Share your Instagram video announcing the giveaway winner. Tag {Brand} and use #{Brand}{Prize}Giveaway.

Step 5. Supporting Assets

Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Looking for more information on Giveaway Campaigns? Click here.

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