What is a Gifting and Unboxing Campaign?
An unboxing is when the brand sends the influencer a curated package containing their products. The influencer films and/or documents the arrival of the package, opening the package, and discusses what they received with their audience.

**The following is designed to follow the order of Grin's campaign creation process**

Step 1. Campaign Basics

Choose your brand from the dropdown menu.

Suggested Campaign Title:

{Your Brand} Unboxing Campaign

Upload your campaign image. If you do not already have a preselected campaign image, you can find one for free here.

Step 2. Campaign Details

Select a campaign goal: awareness or engagement.

Campaign Overview Template:

Hey there!

Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail??

My name is {Your Name} and I'm with {Your Brand}. We're running an Unboxing Campaign and are looking for influencers like you to participate! We'd like to send you a box of goodies and have you create and post a video of you opening it up and reacting to what's inside.

Read the details below if you'd like to join the campaign! 

Enter your audience information (gender, age, and location).

Choose a date range for when you're accepting proposals and a date range for when you'd like your influencers to post their content.

Step 3. Budget & Compensation

Enter your budget information. Need help setting a campaign budget? Click here.

Step 4. Influencer Tasks

Suggested Task Templates:

  • Instagram Video (Mandatory): Film your self getting the package and opening it up. Post an Instagram video showing your excitement when you get the package in the mail and your reactions and thoughts on all of the things in the package as you open it up. Tag {Brand} in your video. Use #{Hashtag you'd like your influencers to use for your unboxing campaign}.
  • Facebook video (Optional): Share the video you created for Instagram on Facebook and tag {Brand}. Use #{Hashtag you'd like your influencers to use for your unboxing campaign}.
  • YouTube Video (Optional): Post your unboxing video on your YouTube channel.

Step 5. Supporting Assets

Upload any images, videos, designs, etc. for your influencers to use.

Looking for more information about Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns? Click here.

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