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What goals will a Giveaway Campaign help me accomplish?
A Giveaway Campaign is a great way to engage with your target market. If your campaign goal is to increase your social media presence, running a Giveaway Campaign is the way to go.

Use Giveaway Campaigns if your campaign goal is to get more followers on social media. Giveaway Campaigns will drive traffic from your influencers' pages to your brand's page. They are an easy way to get more social media followers and engagements.

Giveaway Campaigns are a great way to create awareness for a new product launch. Create buzz about your new product (or service) by running a giveaway campaign; people love having the latest trendy products and using the newest services and they especially love winning giveaways!

Giveaway Campaigns also raise sales for a particular product or service. The giveaway will create exposure for the product or service and create demand for it. Oftentimes, people will purchase the product or use your service after the giveaway is over for fear of missing out.

What are the benefits of Giveaway Campaigns?

  • You have the potential to get a lot of new followers through Giveaway Campaigns with minimal effort from your end.
  • Stay in control of your budget by running a Giveaway Campaign. Budgets are predictable with Giveaway Campaigns; you are responsible for compensating your influencers and the product/service you are giving away. This makes it easy to ensure you stay within your budget.
  • Giveaway Campaigns are a type of campaign that can be run on virtually any social media platform, giving you flexibility.
  • Giveaway Campaigns are great for any stage of your relationship with your influencers. Test a new influencer and get a feel for their audience by running a Giveaway Campaign or use one of your favorite influencers to announce a new product launch through a Giveaway Campaign.

Tips for Giveaway Campaigns:

  • Be sure to look into laws surrounding giveaways in the location you're running the giveaway. Check both federal and state laws to avoid and legal trouble. Consult the law before setting your giveaway rules. You'll want to check the social media platform you're using for their rules on giveaways as well.
  • Be clear in your giveaway rules. Make sure to clearly explain how to enter your giveaway and how you are selecting a winner. Have a defined start and finish date.
  • Make the prize something people actually want. Your prize doesn't have to be a product. It could be an experience (like the chance to dine with your influencer), the opportunity to use your service, a gift card, or any combination you'd like. Just make sure it is something that will drive people to engage with your brand on social media for a chance to win. Remember, if they don't like or want your prize they certainly won't engage with your content.
  • Choose your influencers based on your prize. When the giveaway prize is large, (the chance to ride in a limo and go to a product launch event) you'll want to choose an influencer that you've already established a relationship with. That way you can be sure the influencer's audience will participate in the giveaway. A new influencer that you'd like to test will be better suited for a campaign with a smaller prize, like a $100 gift card for your brand. This will allow you to test the influencer and their audience without using a lot of your marketing budget.
  • Make sure your prize is worthy of the amount of effort required to enter your giveaway. For example, if your prize is the aforementioned opportunity to ride in a limo and attend a launch event, you might have people post a 20 second video explaining why they deserve to win and use a specific hashtag. If your prize is a $100 gift card, it might be more appropriate to have people like a piece of content has their entrance to the giveaway.

Potential Entrance Requirements and Ways to Pick Winners:

  • Have people like, share, or comment on a piece of content to enter the giveaway. Pick a winner randomly. There are lots of free tools available that allow you to randomly draw a name from a specific type of social media engagement on a piece of content.
  • Have people engage in multiple ways with your content to enter. For example, you could require combination of a like and a share or a like and a comment. Again, pick a winner randomly.
  • Have people create content to enter. This could be a video explaining why they deserve to win, a creative video, a photo, anything- it's up to you what kind of content you want them to create to enter. Pick a winner by choosing the piece of content that has the most likes or choose whichever piece your brand likes best. Just be clear when explaining why you chose a specific winner.

Suggested Campaigns to run with Giveaway Campaigns:

  • Gifting and Unboxing Campaigns: In your Gifting and Unboxing Campaign, have your influencer announce a Giveaway Campaign.
  • Influencer as Creator Campaigns: have your influencer create the content for your Giveaway Campaign and set the giveaway prize as the product/service featured in your Influencer as Creator Campaigns.
  • Branded Content Campaigns: have your influencer run a giveaway featuring the product/service in your Branded Content Campaign.
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