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What goals will an Influencer as Creator Campaign help me accomplish?
This type of campaign is good for both bringing exposure to your brand and getting more engagements by driving fans from your influencers' pages to yours. As such, if your campaign goal is to raise awareness or get more social media engagements for your brand or a specific product/service, this is an excellent option for you.

Influencer as Creator Campaigns are great for introducing a new product or service or introducing your brand to a new market. They allow for the influencer to create content that blends seamlessly with their other content, which creates higher engagement rates than content that doesn't flow with the rest of the influencer's posts.

If your campaign goal is to get new marketing content without having to produce it internally, Influencer as Creator Campaigns are the way to go. Influencer as creator campaigns give influencers the creativity and flexibility they desire while allowing your brand to get unique content without having to spend the time creating.

Influencer as Creator Campaigns are a good option for you if your goal is to drive sales of a specific product or service. Leverage your influencers' creativity to create content for a specific product or service and have them link where to purchase said product/service in the content's description.

What are the benefits of Influencer as Creator Campaigns?

  • Influencer as Creator Campaigns also expand your reach by reaching multiple audiences, since they will be posted on both your social media pages and the influencers' pages as well.
  • Your brand will get creative, reusable content for a low cost. Influencers know what their audience (and your target market) likes so you can be sure their content will resonate with your target market.
  • You can run Influencer as Creator Campaigns on virtually any social media platform. Since you are only setting guidelines for your influencers and otherwise giving them creative control, there is a lot more flexibility ingrained in an Influencer as Creator Campaign when compared to other campaign types.

Tips for Influencer as Creator Campaigns:

  • Use this type of campaign after you've developed a relationship with an influencer. That way, you have an idea of the type of content they will produce on your behalf as well as an understanding of their audience.
  • Give your influencers clear instructions on your requirements for the content they create. Specify any hashtags you'd like them to use, what you're trying to accomplish with your campaign (brand/product exposure, increase sales, etc.), and anything else you'd like them to include (or leave out of) in their post. Give them creative control over everything else.

Suggested Campaigns to run with Influencer as Creator Campaigns

  • Giveaway Campaigns: As part of your requirements for the influencer's piece of content, you could have them announce a giveaway for the product or service they created content for.
  • Branded Content Campaign: Have your influencers to create content that shows them using the product/service as part of your requirements for the content they create.
  • Travel Campaign: Have your influencers create content throughout a travel campaign.
  • Gifting and Unboxing Campaign: After your influencers have completed their work for a Gifting and Unboxing Campaign, have them create content for your brand using the product(s) they unboxed.
  • Event Activation Campaign: Have your influencers create content related to your Event Activation Campaign.
  • Competition Campaigns: Have your influencers create content that announces a Competition Campaign.
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