Get to settings by clicking your profile name in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Account Settings".

Choose the section you would like to edit from the menu on the left side of the page.

  • Profile: Under profile, you can add/change your profile photo and update your email address, phone number, name (first and last), and time zone. The name you enter here is the name that will appear at the bottom of any emails you send to influencers through Grin. Make sure to hit the blue Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save any profile updates.
  • Security: Under security, you are able to change your password. When you are finished, hit the blue Change Password button at the bottom.
  • Company: Under company, you can update your company name and company website. Hit the blue Update Company button to save your updated company information.
  • Teams: Under teams, you are able to edit your team and manage users. Create a new team by clicking the blue + in the top right corner of the page. Enter a team name and click the blue Create Team button to create your team. Edit a team by clicking “edit” in the “actions” column next to the team you’d like to edit. Manage users by clicking “users” from the “actions” column. Delete a team by clicking “delete” from the “actions” column. Deleting a team cannot be undone.
  • Users: Invite new users, view information about current users, and view pending invitations under “users”. Invite new users by clicking the blue paper airplane Invite Users icon in the top right corner of the page. Fill out their email address and, if you want, select which team you’d like them on. Click the blue Send Invitation button to send your invite.
  • Invoices: View all of your invoices and see their invoice number, date, amount, status, and download a copy of your invoices.
  • Subscription: Go to subscriptions to view information about your current plan or change your plan.
  • Payment Methods: Add/remove cards under payment methods.
  • Influencer Payments: Under influencer payments, view your current account funds, add funds, and view your influencer payment history. To add funds, click the blue + in the top right corner, choose a payment method from the drop down menu, enter an amount, and click the blue Add Funds button.

To view account resources, click your profile picture/name in the top right corner of the page. See how many brands, campaigns, and contacts out of your total that you’ve used and see your account funds.

Clicking on your profile picture will also display your username, contact email, plan type, link you to your account information, and allow you to sign out of Grin.

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